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  1. Hi Michael,

    Just following up on the possibility of a Nascar guest for my show, however, your career and attitude seem like a match for my show as well.

    If so, give me a call. 206-200-3184

  2. Hi Michael,

    I found your contact via the following article:

    I am a professional triathlete who has recently been diagnosed with PVC’s, and an extremely high number of them (36,000 to be precise in a 24 hour time frame). They decrease when I exercise (or even go away), and my echocardiogram is good; nothing is wrong structurally and I have good heart function. I am out of Austin Texas and I have seen some electrophysiologists here in town, some of whom are world-reknown (Dr. Andrea Natale being one) and they have given me their opinions. I have been told that an ablation of my left ventricle is the recommended route to go, however I am a bit hesitant as I know this is a somewhat risky procedure.

    I noticed that you had had a part in the article on Bobby Julich, and while I have had many professional opinions, I have yet to come across a doctor who can chime in to me as an elite athlete; knowing what I do and what I would like to continue doing. Do you by chance have any referrals?

    To give you a quick background, I have been a professional triathlete since 2002. I jumped up to Ironman distance this year and I was 3rd in Coeur d’Alene (9:39), 15th in Ironman Hawaii (9:36) both being my first two Ironmans. I won two 70.3 events this summer as well. I ran a 16:57 5k one week before this was ‘diagnosed’. I only tell you this to stress the confusion on my part, seeing that I am 32, very healthy and just put together my best season to date of my career.

    Any advice, direction, or referrals are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much,
    Kelly Williamson

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