Day in Life Lepp 2.0 – Day 4

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Travel day to Richmond.

8-10 am Caught up on reading. Syncing iTunes with movies and new playlists for iPad/iPhone.

10-12 – Went by office to check on miscellaneous odd and ends. Ran over to mall to pick up a couple of undershirts. I am picky in that department.

12-3 – Headed over to airport. I can’t tell you grateful I am for us having our own airplanes. No boarding issues. Walk out onto tarmac, board and off you go. I have flown commercially a few times in the past couple years, and I have no idea how you guys do it. We also have a great aviation department. Go to fly up front with them today. I think I would be a pilot when I come back in next life.

Flying upfront on way to Richmond. Love it.

Joe Gibbs Racing Saab 2000 - One of two we fly each week to races.

3–4:30 – Short detour to my old neighborhood. More on this later. Here is house I spent 1956 to 1965 in. I thought I lived in a mansion back then! Wow. Have any of you ever returned to a childhood residence and noticed how small everything seems? I thought I lived in a massive world back then. I  thought it was 10 miles to walk to school (in the snow of course, that’s what I tell my daughter) Noticed today it was about a mile!

My early childhood home. I thought I lived in a mansion when I was a child!

I also visited the first place I experienced sport. I have spent the majority of my career working in sport, and it all began here on this ball field. I was a pretty sporty baseball player! I experienced the highs and lows of sport here.  The emotions that still come with winning and losing, life lessons and probably why I do what I do today started here.

My first ups and downs of sport, experienced right here.

4:30 – 10 pm – Richmond International Raceway – One of the most critical pre race rituals I have is finding a quiet place for reviewing race notes, recruiting goals and most importantly, contingency plans/checklists for when things go wrong. Who would I put in if someone gets hurt etc. When races start, you must be ready for anything and must respond quickly. One bad pit stop can cost you a race and a championship. Since I have been at JGR, we have missed the “playoffs” and a championship by as little as 8 points. That’s 2 positions!! Over the years, I have learned that preparation critical. Mental rehearsal of various scenarios that may occur are very important. I take this quiet time to perform this ritual. Now, finding quiet spots at a racetrack can be difficult.

Flying up front today allowed my to observe our pilots and the extensive checklists they use in the cockpit. I am a huge believer in checklists, and believe they can be useful in all aspects of life. I have multiple checklists I use for practice and races. My iPhone and iPad allow me to review them and check off on critical items for each race. Reviewing these checklists before race is last thing I do.

10:00 PM We won. Mission Accomplished

10:30 – Like to compete at night, but late dinner is part of it. Chicken wings and beer with my good friends. Told some old stories and enjoyed time with teammates and good friends. Love what I do.


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