Day in Life of Lepp 2.0 – Day 2

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today was my Friday! What does that mean? Thursday is my Saturday and Friday is my Monday this week.  Saturday is my Tuesday and Sunday is my Saturday. Put simply, I fly to Richmond for Nationwide race on normal people Friday and I have Sprint Cup race on Saturday. Sunday is my Saturday Does that make Monday my Sunday? I have a headache.

630 to 800 am Read news on my iPad, loaded the backpack, ate some almonds and macadamias and took off on my hike to work with intermediate stop at Starbys for the Grande redeye. Listened to Butthole Surfers playlist. “You never know how to look through other peoples eyes”.

8-11 am – Worked on 30 cup car logistics and putting together pit stop “playbook” for crew chief. David Stremme drives this car. I like David.  Started to break down heart rate software for various monitors I will use this weekend. Meeting with our PR director on various appearance logistics for May. There is a ton of them.

11-1:00 pm – Reviewed data we get from Toyota on pitstop metrics. Interesting. Produced some spreadsheets from this data. Can’t share.

1:00 – 2:00 Lunch and Barnes and Noble with my partner in crime, Paul Alepa.

2-3:00 – Meetings with travel, credentialing of 30 car pitcrew. Report from our team doctor on various injuries. All good on that front. Making sure I have rental car at airport in Richmond.

3 – 5:00 – Practice. Meeting with crew chief during practice. Confirmed with crew chief that he knew what car he was crew chief for. (See stupid rumors on Jayski, and why I ignore media when they are irresponsible) Brief meeting with my boss and engineering.

5:00-6:30 – Meeting with recruit. Told him why he was great and that we were great. We will see if he believes me.

7-9:00 – Dinner at Red Rocks (top-secret)

9:00 – Reading all emails (43 from today). Responding.


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